Our Fearless Leader

Jenn Mathews SEOGoddessJenn Mathews is not only our CEO and co-founder, but she wears many hats when it comes to online marketing. Jenn’s experience with the internet begins as a young woman finding herself designing and developing eCommerce websites for companies in and around Portland, OR. In 1999 she found herself heading back to college to complete the knowledge she had already gained from sites like Webmonkey as she obtained her Certification in Multimedia. Since then Jenn has grown in her career in online marketing. She made the leap from website designer to full time Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in 2005 where she worked for a Seattle, WA based consulting firm called Visible Technologies. As the company grew from 7 people to close to 100 Jenn managed to grow the extensive client base of 300 to over 500 with her team of SEO’s. In 2006 Jenn switched from agency to in-house SEO when she accepted the offer to become Classmates.com’s SEO Manager. While she has many years of professional experience with both search marketing and social media marketing educating others is Jenn’s passion. She started Wappow! in 2010 with the launch of the Search and Social® Hawaii! conference and later the EmMeCon Emerging Media Conference®. After her successful career as an in-house SEO for ADP’s Dealer Services managing the SEO, Social, and Affiliates for usedcars.com and many other portal sites, Jenn is using her knowledge and experience to grow her client’s businesses through what you see now as “Jenn Mathews Marketing Consulting Agency“.