Project Description

The Business Solutions Platform website was developed as a brochureware site to assist the sales team in selling the Clover POS systems. After completing a full Keyword Analysis and Competitive Analysis we found that terms around “point of sales” included two separate categories of Retail and Restaurant (including Bars, Coffee Shops, and general Food service types). From there, each category had a different focus and different number of monthly volume of searches. Because of the vast differences for each main category the decision to send users through two separate funnels from the homepage was made. The Retail side of the website has a similar navigation but different voice and focus on optimization for SEO as the Restaurant side.

Call To Actions

Due to the site being a source to generate leads for the sales team, as will as giving them a tool to be able to talk about the product with users online, the site has very clear call to actions placed strategically throughout the site. Each call to action then pulls up a modal (pop over on the page) that includes a simple to fill out form, pre-filled with inquiries based on the page and button they clicked on so that each sales person knows what the client is interested in before speaking with them. Each form includes an image to the right that relates to the part of the website they clicked the button on as well as a snippet of copy that speaks to them on a more relate-able level and encourages them to fill out the form decreasing any potential fall-out.

The Back-end

In addition to each form providing some insight into what the user is interested in the product for, the site has complete tracking set up to report on how each page and elements within perform. The site is linked up to Textbroker for each to add copy when needed, as well as MailChimp so that when blog posts are made they automatically send to their MailChimp list as well as all contact inquiries being added to their MailChimp contact list for future correspondence. A link to their Facebook account was completed so that new posts nade to the blog are sent immediately to the Facebook page and posted. A link to the Facebook page with a quick button to ‘Like’ the page was added to the footer of the site.

The website is another example of the simple design and easy to navigate with complexity of tracking and implementing online marketing support to aid in generating more leads and growing the business.