Project Description

Jenn Mathews was hired to assist with all of the store’s remarketing after the purchase from a previous owner. A complete analysis was finished in 2 weeks and a plan was developed that synced up with in-store promotions, social media marketing, and website growth to increase audience growth online and sales month over month.

Focusing primarily on engaging the current demographic and customer base with a hyper local target then later growing into surrounding areas and eventually across the United States as the website published products for online purchase.

The store has 4 end caps, one window display, and video screen behind the registers, and two small slideshow displays next to each register. Testing was completed on Instagram, twitter, and various other online marketing channels but were proven to be unsuccessful and time consuming.  In the end, the Facebook page has been proven to be the best for driving sales in-store as customer have asked staff about promotions they have seen on the page.