Project Description

In December of 2014 Jenn Mathews completed the long awaited SEO Analysis for Hint Water. Complete with a Gap Analysis, Keyword Analysis, SEO Checklist, and full review of the site there were several high impact/low effort tasks that the company could complete for quick wins in addition to some higher effort/high impact strategies that the company could complete. Hint Water’s contract allowed Jenn to work closely with the Hint team to ensure that all efforts for SEO are implement and any questions that arise for SEO as new projects are implemented are being addressed.

In December 2015 Jenn Mathews completed an overhaul of the blog moving the blog from a subdomain to a subdirectory through a series of rewrites and appropriating traffic on the server for Hint Water. The WordPress blog for hint took on a completely new design and layout with restructuring of categories to match the SEO key term focus finding balance between maintaining the lifestyle brand the client wanted with ranking for the terms people are searching that will drive revenue for Hint.

The result is a WordPress blog that resides under the main domain with content that supports the website’s focus for SEO.

For more information on how the blog was moved to a subdirectory from a subdomain visit Jenn’s blog post: Domain, Subdomain and Subdirectory for SEO