Project Description

Initial contact was made by Thos. Baker’s COO who was struggling with the ROI numbers year over year for the company’s Digital Marketing as a whole compare to revenue generated from their Catalogs. The question “Why is our digital strategy not showing an increase in revenue year over year?” was asked and Jenn was immediately intrigued and excited to take on the challenge to answer it.

A Statement of Work was signed that engaged the client in three steps:

  1. Analysis
  2. Evaluation
  3. Strategy

In the course of one month Jenn spent her time focusing over 40 hours a week on Thos. Baker’s current and past marketing to fully understand what was going on.

Analysis – Reporting

Numbers have been removed to protect the client's data

Note: Numbers have been removed to protect the client’s data

Jenn was able to pull a few reports in Google Analytics by Transaction ID with a secondary of Medium/Source. Another report in Google Analytics showed the referring Keyword for each Transaction. Jenn was able to use a “SUMIF” in Excel to lookup the Transaction ID that exist in the Google Analytics reports and pull the revenue for that Transaction ID from another report pulled from NetSuite. By doing this Jenn was able to identify that the numbers for the company’s Catalog vs. Digital sales is not as black and white as they had been reporting in the past. Jenn was also able to see into how each channel was performing every month as she combined spend, revenue, and Google Analytics reports into one.

Going forward Jenn recommended a series of actions the company could take to automate these reports within Google Analytics so that they could quickly gather these reports and even dig deeper to fully understand where their money is going and how their marketing is working.

Return on Investment for SEO

SEO Recomendations

Note: Numbers have been falsified and actual categories have been changed to protect the client’s data.

In addition to the reporting, Jenn was tasked with looking at Thos. Baker’s current SEO and offer any insight that she might have for them. By looking at current impressions, traffic, and revenue for key terms Jenn was able to tie in current avg revenue per transaction for each keyword category. Jenn’s means of calculating the ranking percentage and estimating growth allowed her to present quick wins that the company could spend some time working on and see what return they would see from that work.

At the end of the engagement with the client, Jenn Mathews met with the CEO, COO, and VP of Marketing to review her 30 page power point that included analysis findings, evaluation reporting, and her recommendations going forward.

The Analysis, Evaluation, and Strategy engagement is highly valuable for companies that feel they have hit their plateau when it comes to their digital marketing strategy. The reporting that Jenn provides gives companies insights into what is working and what isn’t and allows them to make educated decisions on where to spend their money to ensure that the company remains profitable and shows consistent year over year growth.