An online marketing plan should include not only the usual search marketing, email, and social media marketing strategies, but should consider all available channels that make sense for your business. Our staff will look at all angles of your business, your audience, and identify any growth potential to establish a solid online marketing plan that makes sense.

Once completed we will walk you through your online marketing plan, and ensure you have a full understanding of what we are suggesting and that you will be able to execute on those strategies without difficulty. If you are short of staff and/or time ot be able to execute the online marketing plan we have put together for you, we will be happy to execute all (or part) of your plan just as if you have an online marketing team within your company managing it all for you.

We strive on our ability to communicate, and ensure you understand all that is happening, as well as your successes from the plan. We report against goals established from your online marketing plan, and will walk you through those reports to ensure you understand them and answer any questions you might have.