If you run a small business, one of your biggest challenges is figuring out how to best promote your company to customers. You need people coming to your website or walking in the doors of your business before you can succeed. While you could always try to throw a bunch of money at radio or TV ads, there have been many advancements in paid search engine marketing. Jenn Mathews has been optimizing paid search marketing campaigns to maximize every dollar spent, and setting up new accounts driving success right out of the gates for years. We work with small mom and pop brick and mortar shops, restaurants, and even startups with tight budgets all the way up through medium sized companies that need to make the most out of their slightly larger budget, to managing millions of key terms and extensive budgets coming up with dynamic means to optimize campaigns through database and internal wharehouse data. Pricing can run anywhere from $500 per month on upwards depending on your monthly spend. We do also charge an initial optimization fee for existing campaigns, as well as a set up fee for new ones. All of our reports include your spend with Jenn so that you know you are still getting a full return on your investment.

What exactly is paid search engine marketing?

Paid search engine marketing is also sometimes referred to as just search engine marketing or pay per click marketing. You pay money by bidding on your focus terms that your audience is using to search for your product or services in a search engine (Google, MSN, and/or Yahoo!) to have your ads show up on the page.
For example, when someone types the phrase “rag dolls” into a search engine box and searches, they several results on rag dolls. On the side and top of the page, you’ll notice that ads for rag doll websites also show up. When someone clicks on one of the links in those ads, they are taken to the advertiser’s website. At that point, the advertiser pays a certain fee to the search engine for the traffic that was generated. The amount that the advertiser pays depends on the popularity of the keyword, and what other advertisers are willing to bid for it. With so many companies bidding on the same terms that you would like your ad to show up for, the prices tend to go up in order to show up in the top position. Jenn has extensive experience finding the terms that make the most sense to your users, that your competition may not necessarily be aware of. We will also pair those terms up with landing pages that exist on your website, and even design highly converting pages if you choose, to maximize your spend bringing a higher return on your investment.


One of the big advantages of paid search marketing is that it brings in very highly-targeted traffic. When someone types “rag dolls” into a search engine, they are specifically looking for rag dolls. They aren’t interested in new cars or vacations at the moment, so a generic advertisement probably wouldn’t work. However, if someone is selling rag dolls, and they advertise a great deal on a rag doll and point the ad to a page that prices out rag dolls, it could generate a sale. This is where Jenn comes in. Jenn works to deliver exactly what people are looking for exactly when they are looking for it. With other methods of marketing, you use more of a blanket approach. Tossing as many darts at the dartboard hoping that eventually you’ll hit that bulls-eye, all while wasting money on people that just aren’t interested in your product or service.
A great beauty of search engine marketing is that you only pay for people who actually come to your website, which is why quite a lot of people call is PPC or Pay Per Click. Every time you pay the search engine company, you are paying for qualifying traffic. If you don’t sell something to the customer, it’s nobody’s fault but your own. With other methods of marketing, you are only paying for the opportunity to advertise and not for results.

Setting Daily Budgets

One of the nice things about paid search engine marketing is that you can start out with almost any budget. Most paid search engine marketing programs will allow you to get started with as little as a $5 per day budget. Utilizing this ability, Jenn and her team will try out a new strategy to ensure that your see results. Once we find a strategy that is working, we will recommend raising the budget and driving traffic through that campaign.  This makes it completely customizable so that in the company of any size can spend within their budget and still see results.

Getting Started

If you like the idea of trying out paid search engine marketing, let Jenn know, and one of our representatives will be happy to talk with you. We’ll get you signed up for an account with one of the popular programs out there and set up your campaign for you for a small fee. We can walk you through what we did, and how to manage your camapigns yourself, or we can manage it for you with the goal to increasingly optimize your campaigns to get the most out of your spend.

Better yet – you can hire Jenn to manage your paid search marketing and your search engine marketing. By having Jenn manage both we can optimize your website for the terms that are expensive and convert well, and focus your paid search on the terms you don’t quite see positions for naturally. The longer we work on the two together, the better your results will become long term.