For many successful years Jenn Mathews and her team have been optimizing for websites both large and small. Everyone on our team has either experience working with large and small clients with budgets ranging from hundreds to millions of dollars to spend on SEO, or they have worked within an organization both large and small. Jenn has been optimizing websites since 1997, and has works for major corporations including ADP, Concur, and Jenn brings her guidance and knowledge to the team to ensure that you are getting the most up-to-date in SEO strategies and that all the work you put into your SEO efforts works in conjunction with the rest of your marketing. Our pricing for an SEO Audit can run as low as $500 for a simple run through of your website with easy changes you can do that will get quick results. Sites that need a more thorough look through and full reporting to show a gap analysis (reporting on what you are getting now and what you could get if the work it done) and a long term plan can run a bit more.

What is SEO?

Your customers are trying to find you, and search engine optimization is the most cost effective way for them to locate your website. SEO is a dedicated method in which we analyze your website’s content, architecture, development, and traffic to establish a solid plan to draw search results. Of course it’s much more than that, and we’ll help you understand what it is that makes your website show up for the most valuable terms.

Constant Change

The algorithms used by the major engine search are constantly changing, and what worked just years or even months ago, may not work today. Search engines are working harder now more than ever to out compete one another in bringing users the most relevant search results as well as fighting scammers that are attempting to trick them to gain results. What used to be content and linking is now social media and networks that drive ranking results. Keeping up with the changes can be challenging for any marketer. Jenn not only follows what is going on, but we talk about it and work with the leaders of the industry to spread the word so that others can understand through workshops, networking events, and our own conferences. We study the internal and external aspects affecting your website’s rankings, and we help you understand and then define a strategy to put into action.