We all know what social media websites are, and you have probably already started using these channels to marketing your business. From Facebook Pages, Twitter Accounts, Linkedin Profiles, and more. We struggle to keep up with all the web has to offer and what the latest trends are. But simply creating a Facebook Page and Twitter Account isn’t enough. You need content that makes sense to your followers, and to grow your following with your key audience.

What is the hottest social media website to emerge on the scene?

We could certainly answer that question, but the answer will surely change tomorrow. Jenn will help you leverage the social media space with planning and execution along the way.
Social Media Marketing can provide a means to manage customer service, establish a solid brand presence, build a community of brand evangelists, and harness the power of viral marketing all in one attempt.

What is it Social Media Marketing?

Social Media Marketing (or SMM) is a form of internet marketing managing communication goals through the participation in various social media networks (including Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin,Tumblr, and many others).

Where does one get started?

The team working with Jenn Mathews is genuinely excited about the technology that surrounds the internet and beyond. But many marketers find themselves overwhelmed or confused at all the different possibilities. We will help you define your marketing (or business) goals, objectives and overall process for execution across all devices through the channels that make sense.
We can help you refine your goals through:

  • Growing brand awareness
  • Creating a positive brand association and keeping it there (or reputation management)
  • Business development
  • Customer reach
  • And more

How does Social Media Marketing work?

The web has been a social place since the beginning of its induction. From chat rooms to forums we have always found a way to interact with one another through the power of the keyboard and monitor. The social web allows you to interact with others, create and promote content that can get links and viral attraction, you can reach key influencers, build loyal relationships, and manage customer satisfaction. The team working with Jenn Mathews has been in the social media space for many years. Leding the team herself, Jenn works hard to stay up with the latest trends and channels for social media marketing. We’ll work with you to ensure you have a solid understanding of the new means of reaching your customers effectively. We’ll educate you on the latest tools to help maximize your time and efforts, and work with you on tracking and analyzing what works so that you know you are getting a solid return on your investment.