WordPress Websites for Your Small-to-Medium Business in Bellevue

At Jenn Mathews, our goal is to help you get the attention of customers in and around the Greater Seattle Area, including Bellevue, home to an assortment of larger companies. We’re an online marketing agency dedicated to helping you compete with larger companies in Bellevue like T-Mobile and Expedia while working within your available budget. Your new WordPress website will be professionally designed and thoroughly customized to meet your specific needs.

Our services include:

• WordPress installation
• WordPress setup
• Technical support
• Custom WordPress development
• Complete online marketing packages

Providing SEO Services in Bellevue

Jenn Mathews has a strong background in SEO providing top notch professional SEO services to businesses in Bellevue and surrounding. Jenn can work with you to bring your website to the top of the search results without compromising your website’s integrity or using any trickery or spamming techniques. Your WordPress website will not only look amazing, but will show up when people search for your business.

• SEO Audit
• SEO Monthly Contracts
• SEO Contracts Per Project
• SEO Analysis

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Why You Need a Professionally Designed Website

If you’re like most Bellevue area small-to-medium business owners, you probably think that you can’t afford a well-designed website that will put you a league with bigger companies going after the same market. By turning to Jenn Mathews for your website design needs, you can level the playing field and reach the same customers by utilizing the power of a personalized WordPress build without straining your budget.

See Our Progress On Your Website

All WordPress builds we do are managed in Google Docs. This allows Jenn to communicate all completed work directly to our Bellevue business clients. Allowing for convenient visibility of everything we’ve already completed for your business website. You can easily check in on a regular basis to determine if we’re on the right track with your Bellevue website design.

Complete Control and Management of Your Site

We want to you to be in complete control of your new website. In order to achieve this goal, our team coordinates with your team to ensure that your website is exactly what you had in mind for your Bellevue business. As part of our ongoing commitment to client satisfaction, we’ll take the time to:

• Discuss your design preferences
• Explain our design process
• Make adjustments throughout the design process
• Address any technical issues with your website

Helpful Guidance to Get You Started

If you’re not sure where to begin, that’s not a problem. The team at Jenn Mathews will clearly present your options and help you establish your preferences. We’ll gladly take the time to answer your questions, set your budget and put together a site that’s designed to effectively reach the customers you want to reach in and around the Bellevue area. We’ll also take care of all the technical aspects of designing your site for your added convenience. The only thing you’ll need to do is approve of our completed work. You’ll also benefit from:

• Custom website design
• Complete support from a local company
• Access across all platforms
• Reasonable rates
• Attentive service

Discover the Versatility of Avada

While you’re welcome to choose any WordPress theme you desire, Avada is the most popular WordPress theme with our clients. In fact, it’s the theme that we recommend to all of our clients since it’s a theme that works really well for business. It’s also an extremely SEO friendly theme that’s sure to please the powers that be at Google when it comes to ranking your local Bellevue, WA site and putting your content in front of your desired audience.

Discover the power of a customized website that will help you compete in the big league without spending major bucks. Contact the team at Jenn Mathews today to get started.

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