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Helping Seattle Succeed

Every small business is striving to get noticed in the modern day, looking to show that their product or service is unique. With the proliferation of the internet being so rapid, the economic landscape is shifting faster than every before. The focus of Jenn Mathews Online Marketing & Consulting is to help you do what you do best; provide your service to as many consumers as possible. For founder Jenn Mathews to be in a position where she can help businesses become successful, the Jenn Mathews Marketing & Consulting Agency prides itself not only on the success of its clients, but also the passion with which they work. And toting 15 years of experience in the field of online marketing, Jenn Mathews herself has a wealth of experience to put to work for you.

From web design implementing search engine optimization (SEO) to various media marketing campaigns designed to establish brand presence, JM Consulting strives to help business owners stand out.

Located in Bellevue, Washington, Jenn Mathews Consulting is working hard to provide online marketing services to Bellevue, Kirkland, Redmond, and Seattle. Bellevue, connected to Seattle via both the I-90 and 520 floating bridges, is a mere skip and a hop across the pond from many of the clients they serve in Seattle. Having such a close proximity to the competitive markets in Seattle, their offices are ideally situated to let them work hand in hand with clients to formulate a precise marketing plan.

To truly understand success in the current economic climate, one must first understand how companies are able to attract new customers. Social media and customized websites designed specifically to reach the top of Google’s search results are but a few of the services offered by JM Consulting to accomplish this. Using a combination of multiple tools for not only standing out to more people, but more of the right people, Jenn Mathews Consulting will do whatever it takes to get you more customers instead of just more viewers.

What JM Consulting Can Do for You

Offering a wide variety of consulting services designed to grow your business, every marketing plan is tailored specifically for you, the client.

Offered services include:

  • Web Design
  • Search Marketing
  • Establishing Your Online Presence
  • Social Media Campaigning
  • Search Engine Optimization

Specific services offered for marketing purposes can always vary depending on the client’s wants and needs. To figure out the best service to suit your needs, contact Jenn Mathews Consulting and get started formulating a plan for success.

A Marketing Plan to Suit Your Needs

One of the biggest facets of JM Consulting is to work with the client for a mutually successful consulting experience. All businesses are different, and so too are their needs. By working closely with clients to establish goals and budget boundaries, Jen Mathews’ office will help formulate a strategy to increase your company’s marketability and online presence while staying within your preferred price range. Where one business may have a well made website that lacks proper optimization to be noticed, another has no website but a heavy social media presence. Finding out what aspects of online marketing will do you the most good is the goal of JM Consulting.

When identifying the best avenues for increasing clientele, a JM consultant will be able to form a plan t best improve your online presence and recognition. This marketing plan is intended to be a guide for getting more website views, more eyes on your product, and eventually more customers. After formulating a plan, the JM consultant will then walk through it in its entirety to ensure that not only does the client understand what needs to be done, but more importantly why.

With a full understanding of the behind-the-scenes mechanics of a marketing plan, it is then up to the client to decide whether it’s appropriate to implement the changes or have JM Consulting put them into action instead. If the client lacks the resources to fully carry out what they have decided is the most effective plan, Jenn Mathews Online Marketing & Consulting will set out to make sure the mutually agreed upon plan gets taken care of.

From Web Design to Search Engine Marketing

One of the primary services JM Consulting has to offer is web design. Going hand in hand with other methods of online marketing, a well designed website can not online be used to attract more potential customers, but encourage them to choose you over the competition as well.

Looking to Help You Stand Out

Jenn Mathews Consulting has an extremely strong focus on client’s success. The number one priority of any consulting plan is to help you and your business succeed in a way that you can not only afford, but understand and agree with. As dedicated business consulting professionals, the success of the Jenn Mathews Marketing & Consulting agency is a direct reflection of the success of their business partners and clients.

Whether you’re looking to start fresh or revamp your existing website, Jenn Mathews has the experience and tools to get it done right. With a focus on WordPress as a template for creating new websites, JM Consulting has a proven track record for designing and creating websites that help drive businesses ever upward. Utilizing the latest search engine optimization techniques, your new or rebuilt website will show a surprising uptick in both web traffic and customer inquiries. 15 years of SEO experience has taught Jenn Mathews the ins and outs of how a search engine picks its results. When a potential customer in your area looks for anything related to your product or service, your website being on the front page will be more likely than ever.

Outside of using the WordPress plugin, more web adept clients may have preferred plugins for a different style or template. If you have any questions or recommendations regarding how your website is built, JM Consulting is more than willing to work with you to make sure your new site perfectly conforms to the standards you set.

Accruing steady new traffic to a recently made website can be a process that takes time. For other avenues of marketing that increase your return on investment in a more timely manner, JM Consulting has the solution. One such marketing technique is paid search marketing, or paying a search engine each time somebody clicks on your advertisement conveniently located at the front of the list. Paid search marketing is a very user friendly process, and lets you set a daily allowance to make sure money isn’t wasted. By analyzing the trends in viewership on your site compared to different marketing campaigns, JM Consulting can then formulate how best to proceed with your marketing plans.

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