Jenn Mathews Marketing Consulting was established as a means to help small to medium sized business gain a solid hold of their marketing and business strategies. Jenn believes that no company should silo one strategy from the other, and will work as your extended in-house team for large corporations to not only strategize, but champion the work so that you can be a success. When we are all working in sync with one another the quality of the leads and acquisitions from all efforts will come through at a higher conversion rate and increase your return on investment. We place a high significance on reliability, openness, and transparency. We promise to work to a great extent for our clients to so that they are successful. It’s not just about our ability to produce results, but more importantly, it’s about working in unification with Jenn and her team as we carry out a powerful campaign together.

Our Pledge to You

  • Jenn Pledges to be responsive to her customers.  Understand their pains, frustrations, and reluctance to hire an agency.
  • Jenn Pledges to make her clients her very first priority. To answer questions in a timely manner, and complete the work when promised.
  • Jenn Pledges to work efficiently and with the utmost of quality.
  • Jenn Pledges to take her promise seriously and to be held accountable to goals, to be honest when reporting on them, and be able to answer questions concisely.
  • Jenn Pledges to always have a smile on her face, and show her customers the passion and excitement she feels over each project.
  • Jenn Pledges to be a part of a cohesive team with her clients at the helm.
  • Most of all Jenn Pledges success. Success to her clients as that is her main goal for them and our team.