Setting Up Hosting on Network Solutions

//Setting Up Hosting on Network Solutions

You can set up hosting without your domain assigned to it, so don’t worry if you haven’t gotten the domain, or want to change your existing domain to point to your WordPress site. You can always do that later. In fact, this way you can take the time and play with WordPress to get it exactly the way you want it before sending your current traffic (people) to it. With a new site, having the domain already pointing is perfectly fine as well, but only do this if the site is so new that no traffic comes to the site, or the traffic is very limited (just a few a week or month).

Just Hosting with Network Solutions

Head to Network Solutions Web Hosting Packages and select the Website Hosting package only by clicking “Add to Cart”.

You will be prompted with an upsell to buy their “MyTime” support, the Website Builder, or other services – but these are all things you can add later if you feel you really need them. If you are setting up a WordPress site, or know how to build a website you won’t ever need the “Website Builder” and the “MyTime” support should only be needed if you are having trouble with the server. So click “No Thanks” to continue.

Enter your existing Domain name (if you want Domain and Hosting we can help you get set up). If you have current hosting and your domain pointing there, don’t worry about the domain transferring at this point – it won’t happen. Without changing the domain name server to point to your new hosting account the domain won’t move. You will have to set the DNS1 and DNS2 to your new hosting before the domain points there. This just let’s Network Solutions know you have a domain, and don’t need one from them.

Finish with the secure check out by paying with Paypal or with your credit card. Once payment has been made, your new hosting account is all ready for you.

Managing hosting with Network Solutions is simple with their Account Management it’s easy to upload files, connect via FTP, and you can host several websites on one hosting with a shared hosting account.

Looking to set up a WordPress site with Network Solutions?

Once you have your Hosting account set up, you can follow the directions on setting up a WordPress site by EmMeCon CEO and Author Jenn Mathews.

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